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Note from the Editor

Welcome to the official website of the Trinity College Social and Political Review! The editorial board are currently working towards producing Volume XXVII of the Review and we look forward to reading submissions for this year. Our submissions process is now open, and should you need inspiration there are several past volumes included on this site.

The Social and Political Review was established almost three decades ago to give the students of Trinity College a platform to discuss and analyse the most pressing social and political issues of their time. In the past five years alone the world has experienced several shocks, with the full impacts of Brexit, the European migrant crisis and the tumultuous journey of the 2016 U.S. Elections still yet to become clear. It is our hope to encourage students to debate these topics through a critical yet compassionate lens and to continue the high level of scholarship that the Review has seen since its inauguration.

While there are many who work behind the scenes to make the Review a success each year, I would like to say a special thank you to the Department of Political Science and Department of Sociology in Trinity College, and in particular to Dr. Jacqueline Hayden and Dr. Elaine Moriarty. Their unwavering enthusiasm and support of the Social and Political Review has ensured its continued success. We are very grateful to have their insight.

We hope you enjoy our website and consider contributing to the Review this year. We expect the launch of Volume XXVII to occur in early-mid March, so do watch this space for further news!

Alexandra Trant, Sch.